It’s the small things…

Upon my walk to work, sunlight beams through the trees and dozens of songbirds proclaim the dawn. Bluebells dance in the fresh morning breeze, and everything seems right with the world. 

Until it’s not. 

A schoolgirl cuts off my path, and proceeds in front of me at exactly that awkward pace where you’re stumbling over your feet trying to maintain a socially acceptable distance, but you can’t speed up to overtake for fear of getting caught in that cringeworthy momentary parallel stride. For now then, it seems like I’m stuck staring at a frizzy head and listening to that tinny clatter of teenage angst music coming from cheap headphones. Suddenly the sun seems to have disappeared behind a cloud. 

We continue this way for some time, my new companion and I, until finally she veers off to the right and disappears into some bushes. Don’t ask. All I know is that my path is finally clear and I am able to continue happily along my way, with a regained skip in my step. 

My next turn is a left, down a familiar narrow alleyway leading to the boating pools. Lo and behold, heading straight in my direction are two gangly adolescents hand in hand, the boy pushing a bicycle on his other side. Now keep in mind that they’re straddling the whole alleyway, leaving about a foot’s gap between the girl and the wall. ‘Fine’ I think to myself, ‘They’ll adjust themselves to let me by’. 

Do you think the girl thought to step back and make room for me to pass? Did she fuck. They barged straight past me, forcing me to the wall. And when I say barged, I mean she physically made contact with my shoulder as she pushed by. 

I stopped in my tracks and took a deep breath as that familiar sense of rage began to bubble up through my stomach into my chest. My hands curled into fists, and I considered looking back and shouting something, but I closed my eyes and let the sun sit on my cheeks as I regained my composure. If anyone had been walking towards me, they would have questioned my sanity. 

Luckily I was alone, and after a short pause I remembered that I have a long day ahead of me, and it’s not worth allowing an irritable morning to ruin my whole day. The sun is sparkling off the sea, people are happily going about their morning errands, and I’m making the decision to have a GOOD day. 

Whatever is in store for you today, breathe in the fresh air and make a conscious effort not to let the little niggles in life get to you. 

Life is too short to be anything but happy! 


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