Spring has Sprung!


All hail the arrival of spring! The sun is out, the birds are chirping away in the hedgerows, and I even saw my first little lamb a couple of days ago.

Even for those of us working in retail, hiding away in the depths of big, looming, fluorescently lit grocery stores, the arrival of spring is well noticed and deeply appreciated. Gone are the days of dreary drizzle and the dull glow of headlights lazily passing the shopfront in the rain, splashing puddles at unfortunate passers by. Instead now, we are seeing brighter, warmer days and an exciting changeover in stock; the compost is arriving, the bulbs and seeds, people are buying daffodils and tulips and hyacinths. Every time a ‘Spring-y’ item comes through the checkout, a little spark of happiness bubbles up inside of me and paints a sunny smile on my face. We have entered a new, rejuvenating season of birth and life and growth!

I love Spring so much. For me, it represents all things fresh and clean and new. Spring showers wash away the sorrows of winter, and provide a lifeline for young plants in their first stages of life to bud and blossom and bloom. Colourful flowers start to sprout, trees begin to regain their beautiful gown of leaves, and animals give birth to the newest generation of life. What could be more beautiful?

Ben and I have just moved into a beautiful new house. It’s a lovely little Cornish cottage in a charming little area of Heamoor. It’s off the road, blissfully quiet and peaceful, and has a beautiful, happy vibe to it. It’s the perfect family home for Ben, Nevaeh and me. I am so grateful that we were able to move into this gorgeous little home at the beginning of Spring, because it really magnifies the sense of a brand new beginning for us.

So step outside today, let the fresh, crisp Spring air fill your lungs and just enjoy being here in this exact moment. Remember how wonderful it is to be alive, and to once again be blessed with this new beginning, as we are each and every year. Have a wonderful day!!


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